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Teachtools is a provider of Internet services to teachers. We offer web tools for creating course web sites and online assignments. You receive student work via e-mail where it is easy to organize and search. Teachtools can be used to manage coursework in classroom-based or distance education courses and was designed for use by college professors and high school teachers. It may also prove useful to elementary school teachers for communicating with parents and may be used for training purposes in government, non-profit and civic organizations. We are dedicated to improving the service and providing regular updates.

The Developers

William E. Restemeyer has been programming mainframe, UNIX, and Macintosh computers in New York City for over 20 years, mainly in the financial industry. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Music Theory and a Master's in Ancient Semitic Languages and is the son of a college professor.

Christopher S. Toulouse is a sociologist at Brooklyn College and has been teaching at colleges in the New York City region for 15 years, including Fordham University, Hofstra University, Manhattan Marymount College, Hunter College, and New York University. His Ph.D is in urban sociology from Columbia University. You can find examples of online teaching practices using Teachtools at his site webteaching.org.

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