Terms & Privacy

Terms of use

1. You must have an e-mail account and access to the Internet to use Teachtools. It helps to have some experience using course web sites in your teaching, but it is not necessary. No knowledge of HTML or FTP is assumed or required.

2. You must have a valid Teachtools account number and a password to use our service. Free trial memberships last 30 days and may be converted to full memberships.

3. A standard "Semester" Teachtools account entitles you to make two megabytes of Memos, Forms, Essays, Quizzes, Forums and Polls. If you are teaching three courses per semester your two megabytes of disk space will be more than enough to make 10 quizzes, 3 forums, 10 essays, 10 polls, 10 forms, and 20 memos for each course. In order to ensure that Teachtools pages work quickly with dial-up modems and campus networks we do not host graphics files.

4. Accounts are not transferable and are for individual use only. If you allow others to use your account number and password, your account will be canceled.

5. Teachtools reserves the right to cancel the membership of any one who, in our judgment, is attempting to defraud members of the public, and/or who is using our services in such a way as to bring Teachtools into public disrepute.

6. Although Teachtools attempts to ensure the integrity of your course materials, computers occasionally fail. For this reason we encourage you to save the Makers to your hard drive regularly for backup purposes.

7. Teachtools accepts no responsibility for the performance of the Internet. It can be slow during periods of peak use, at home in the evening using dialup access, or in campus labs over the network in the middle of the day.

8. Teachtools requires students to have an e-mail account and to access your home page. It is up to you to make sure they visit the home page and check their e-mail.

9. Please be sure to abide by copyright. Short quotations from published academic works must be accompanied by a proper citation. If in doubt consult the guide to copyright on the Internet provided by your school or college library. Teachtools is registered for the purposes of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 1998. If you have a complaint about the use of copyrighted material on a Teachtools page you should contact us.

10. You agree to indemnify Teachtools to the maximum extent permitted by law against any legal action taken by Third Parties arising from the content of your Teachtools pages or from loss of business or good will due to computer failure. All legal claims must be filed and settled in New York City under the laws of the State of New York.

Privacy policy

1. Teachtools is an online service for teachers and follows the conventions of Internet Service Providers with regard to the ownership of your web pages. Thus, the web pages you make with Teachtools are your intellectual property, and (please note) their maintenance, usefulness, and usage are your responsibility exclusively.

2. We keep no copies of student work. As a Teachtools member, you are responsible for all the text students submit with your pages and which ends up in the e-mail folder on your hard drive. In the case of Forums, we do store student postings, but when you delete the Forum from your account (to make room for next semester's forums) you delete the Forum postings from Teachtools. To keep a record of a Forum, we suggest saving the Forum Digest.

3. We are good Internet citizens. We do not sell information about our members. We do not send spam. We will not use banner ads. We will not use javascript pop-up windows for commercial purposes.

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