Why use Teachtools?

1. It's very easy to use. Our Makers are all-in-one. Simply make your changes and click "Go do it!". There's no ploughing through page after page of templates to get anything done.

2. No permissions. You don't have to get any one's permission to make changes. At the start of the semester there's no waiting for an administrator to load your course. You control student access by giving students the address of your course home page and entering their names into the course roster yourself.

3. Unique teaching tools. Writing teachers take note: our Forum allows you to edit student postings and pick the best for a Forum Digest; and our Essay Submission Form rejects student essays if they are too short or too long, and enables you to match citations with references.

4. Use your mailer as a database. When students submit their work through Teachtools, the email you receive has a standardized subject heading - eg. intro - inquiry - Jones. This enables you too quickly and easily call up a student's records even if they change email address.

5. Developed for teachers. Students find Teachtools sites much easier to use than the horrendously expensive, overly-complicated teaching systems administrators like to push. Teachers who have used these systems and Teachtools tend to laugh at the comparison.

6. Protects your intellectual property. Teachtools is an ISP. With Teachtools there's no question who owns and controls your pages - you do.

7. It's economical. For as little as $6.50 a month you can control your own course sites, use a wide array of easy-to-use teaching tools, and protect your intellectual property rights.

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